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Why is Medicare Advantage important to Home Health?


The Home Care Industry has steadily become recognized to play an intricate role in the overall continuum of the care due to its ability to keep older adults safely at home and out of hospital.

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Global RCM Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile

Global Healthcare Resource has consistently provided high quality, cost-effective revenue cycle management services to its clients, since 1999. Key strategic services offered by us include medical billing, coding, accounts receivable management, etc. Streamlined revenue cycle management services, steadily improved over the years, constantly updated, after review and analysis ensure flawless execution, and excellent service delivery.

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How to Healthcare Billing?

Global_Healthcare_Resource - Stats_Bar

At Global Healthcare Resource, our focus has always been on medical billing companies and large practice management providers. Global’s low-cost solutions for end-to-end billing operations allows your practice to increase patient volume and referrals while staying ahead of increasing healthcare complexities.

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Are your revenue cycle clients profitable?


Industry Veteran, Jeff Linn, shares a few tips to help you determine which clients are really contributing to your bottom line.

Article highlights:

#1 Know your direct and indirect labor costs

#2 Tracking Employee Time

#3 BPO Staffing Cost Allocation

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3 ways to leverage your RCM outsourcing partner for business growth


Industry Veteran, Jeff Linn, shares 3ways to leverage your RCM Outsourcing Partner.

Article highlights:

#1 Start Small

#2 Customer Relationship Managers

#3 Direct Labor Costs

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What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle Management, begins with the preliminary determination of a patient’s eligibility for a claim, proceeding to medical coding and collecting co-pays, efficiently managing the complete billing and payment collection cycle. At Global Healthcare Resource, the entire process of claims management is accomplished in the shortest possible time and referred to as Revenue Cycle Management.

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Medical Coding

Medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process. At Global Healthcare Resource, all coders are AAPC certified and work under the guidance and supervision of a team of expert physicians. Our team is composed of veterans who have been working with us for more than 16 years and have the capacity to handle every scenario.

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Provider Credentialing

Physician credentialing is a complex, time consuming process that involves preparation of credentialing applications for multiple entities. This is where Global Healthcare Resource enters the picture, simplifying and shortening the entire process.

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Global Healthcare Resource Insurance-verification

Insurance Verification

Efficient revenue cycle management requires “clean” claims. This requires good pre-claim processing, robust processes to ascertain eligibility verification and accurate interpretation of regulations.

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Global Healthcare Resource Announces the Appointment of Industry Veteran, Jeffery Linn, as Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Global Recruits New RCM VP

Atlanta, GA (Corporate HQ), Chennai, India (Business Center, BPO) - Phillip Peacock, Corporate Vice President at Global Healthcare Resource, announces appointment of industry veteran, Mr. Jeffery Linn as Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management. Mr. Linn is known as an industry leader in Revenue Cycle and brings with him over a decade of experience as a healthcare executive with a background in operations, finance, project management, business development, and consulting. Jeffery’s key strengths include data analytics, technology integration, and optimization.

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Medical Billing Process


Medical Billing Process

Global offers a complete range of offshore services including but not limited to:

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Coding

EMR Implementation

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At the heart of our business philosophy at Global Healthcare Resource, we feel a deep-rooted sense of responsibility towards society. This sense of responsibility manifests into a tangible form as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Client Benefits

Because outsourcing your work is a major decision, we at Global Healthcare Resource offer our clients a free testing opportunity. Our free testing work model allows the clients to test our services before signing a legal contract. For absolute accuracy, each of our processes goes through several reviews by respective team leaders and project heads, before the “client test”. As a result, Global is proud to say that every “client test” has stood up to our client’s specifications on quality, accuracy and delivery!

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What do we stand for?


At Global Healthcare Resource, integrity is more than just a word. Infused into the DNA of our firm is a set of core values. These values are held in such high esteem by both the staff and management alike, that it is ingrained into every aspect of our professional life.

Leadership, integrity, loyalty to customers, team work, ownership, transparency, and dedication are what form our core values. It is with these core values in our minds that we work with a relentless tenacity and commitment to reach our goals, thus giving us an edge over competitors. 

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Global Healthcare Resource - Welcome


Global Healthcare Resource is a full service healthcare solutions firm focused on maximizing return on investment, increasing revenues, decreasing re-admissions and improving productivity for our valued clients. We do this by providing end-to-end business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers and billing companies.

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3 Major Impacts of ICD-10 on Healthcare Industry

Global Healthcare Resource - ICD-10

Implementation of ICD-10 brought a high rise in the diagnostic codes which further required more updates in the DRG system so that new codes can be integrated in the reimbursement process.

The impact of ICD­-10 has been a common topic of discussion. And through these analysis, it has been realized that the ICD­-10 update has its impact even beyond coding.




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Three reasons why you should outsource your medical billing services


Hiring a company for all your medical billing services has many benefits. It gives you an assurance of providing you systematic health care process with a consistent payment schedule. It frees you from collecting the fees from different patients and also reduces the stress.

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Global Healthcare Resource Unfolded its Facility Operations at Manila, Philippines


In 2014, Global expanded its call centers to Manila to deliver a state-of-the-art operation center that offers Provider and Payer clients an affordable, effective and flexible alternative to back office processes.

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