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Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Vishal Jain brings over 25 years of operational and financial expertise to healthcare revenue cycle companies. He recognized an opportunity to connect American healthcare organizations with highly-skilled international professionals. 
In 1999, Global Healthcare Resource was formed to give U.S.-based businesses a cost-effective way to manage their reimbursement cycle, aid in growth goals, and build organizational resilience. Vishal has grown Global to over 6,000 employees across seven offices throughout the U.S., India, and the Philippines. In 2014, Vishal expanded Global’s service offerings to include two patient call centers with locations in Manila and Cebu. 
Outside of his business achievements, Vishal is committed to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. With a firm belief in education and its ability to transform society, Vishal has constructed over 100 classrooms, benefiting over 100,000 children in the last decade.
Vishal attended Vivekanada College, Madras University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce as a Salutatorian of 100,000 students. He also earned his CPA soon after graduating and was ranked 27th in the entire country of India. He later attained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

Vishal is married and enjoys spending time with his two children.

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