Global Healthcare Resource


Leading international RCM staffing solutions firm since 1999.

Vishal Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Vishal Jain brings over 25 years of operational and financial expertise to healthcare revenue cycle companies. He recognized an opportunity to connect U.S. healthcare organizations with  international professionals. 

Phillip Peacock

Corporate Vice President

Phillip Peacock, has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare outsourcing sector. Currently, Phillip is applying his expansion solutions to Global’s sales, marketing and support offices worldwide.

Brian Parks

Vice President of RCM

Brian Parks brings over 12 years of revenue cycle management and solutions implementation expertise to Global Healthcare Resource. As Vice President of RCM, Brian will manage sales efforts across the U.S. and work closely with practice management and billing companies, physician groups and tech organizations.

Paul O'Donnell

Regional Vice President

Paul O’Donnell has extensive experience helping US based post-acute healthcare agencies implement offshore business strategies to improve TAT, clinical documentation accuracy and navigate CMS regulations and guidelines.

Claire Taylor

Sr. Director of Marketing

For over 12 years, Claire Taylor has provided brand, content, website, and social media management expertise to the healthcare and finance industries. 

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