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Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Rheumatology Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Global Healthcare Resource offers custom revenue cycle management and patient call center services for the rheumatology field. Our teams of billing professionals, coders, and call center agents operate as a seamless extension of your team to streamline processes and eliminate expensive hiring, training, and turnover costs. 

After discussing your scope of work, Global will assemble a team of highly trained professionals who will perform revenue cycle processes exclusively for your project. Global brings expert knowledge to reduce denial rates, improve coding accuracy, and perform billing tasks specific to rheumatology

About Our Service

Global Healthcare Resource supports rheumatology practices by developing expert teams who understand the complexities of rheumatology medical billing and coding. We offer a range of services aimed at helping you focus on patient care while streamlining operations and improving ROI.

Our Medical Billing Solutions

We provide cost-effective solutions for end-to-end billing within the rheumatology specialty. Our teams have expertise in any EHR system, streamlining patient intake processes like patient demographics and benefits eligibility verification. Our accounts receivable teams also research denied or unpaid claims and refile them so providers can keep their hard-earned revenue. 

We handle common challenges within rheumatology, like billing the proper units and distinguishing between specialty vs. buy-and-bill drugs. Our experts know how to bill for discarded medications like the J code for parts of a single-use medication. They also handle challenges like billing multiple injections on the same day, even when insurance companies differ in billing practices. 

Our Medical Coding Solutions

Our dedicated team of medical coders is qualified in professional and facility coding and follows strict CPT, ICD-10, DRG, and HCPCS guidelines for inpatient and outpatient records. Many of our coders are also AAPC certified and can obtain any additional certificate required by your organization. They carry extensive knowledge of CPT codes used within rheumatology and strive for specificity, including the location of arthritis in the body, rheumatoid factor, and organ or system involvement. 

Our teams providing rheumatology coding services maintain nearly perfect accuracy rates identified through in-house and external compliance auditing. Our experts in India and the Philippines have extensive knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, and payer guidelines in every state. 

Our RCM Services

Global Healthcare Resource provides experts who operate as an extension of your team to provide revenue cycle services. These services minimize time-consuming revenue cycle management, allowing for more time spent on areas of your business that matter most. We offer cost-effective services like medical billing and coding, patient eligibility, and physician billing

Why Global Healthcare Resource?

With 25 years of excellence in medical coding, billing, and related services, Global Healthcare Resource serves as a trusted partner to meet your organization's requirements. Here are a few reasons we stand apart from our competitors:

  • Training: New and existing hires complete Global Academy to gain the knowledge necessary to handle revenue cycle management for particular healthcare applications.
  • Efficiency: The Time Zone Advantage allows our teams to work while our clients are asleep, completing tasks from the previous day to keep operations running quickly.
  • Customization: Global Healthcare Resource customizes client relationships to meet your operations and goals. We even create tailored teams with rheumatology expertise.

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We operate as an extension of your team to complete rheumatology revenue cycle services. Our work allows you to focus on serving patients while we manage revenue collection and enhance profits. 

Discuss our services in more detail by contacting us online to schedule a meeting. 

The integrity of your data is our #1 priority.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant.

SOC 2 Type 2 audits determine how well an organization safeguards customer data and how those controls operate over a 9-month (minimum) time frame. Reports are issued by third party auditors who review the following principles: Security, Confidentiality & Availability. Global Healthcare Resource is proudly SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. 



The security principle addresses whether an organization's system is protected (both physically and logically) against unauthorized access.



The availability principle addresses whether the services an organization provides is operating with the type of availability that client's expect.



The confidentiality principle addresses the agreements made with clients in regard to how their information is used, who has access to it and how it's protected.

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