Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

Accelerate claim recovery and strengthen your cashflow. 

Fifty to sixty percent of denied claims are never reworked, leaving hard-earned revenue on the table. Global can help maximize recovery efforts by organizing denied or aging claims by timely filing and dollar amount. Once the most urgent and profitable claims are determined, our team puts in the research followed by working with insurance companies to refile and collect as many claims as possible. 

  • Identify and research denied or unpaid claims
  • Timely follow-up with insurance company
  • Re-file corrected claims based on timely filing and dollar amount
  • Regular audits and reports to help identify problem areas 


In terms of telehealth, A/R follow-up is more important than ever. Digital care visits have provided a wonderful solution for patients wanting to avoid exposure to COVID-19; however, guidelines around telehealth reimbursement are still unclear, creating more denials needing to be reworked. Avoid further strains to your cashflow by working with a well-versed staff on the common billing challenges associated with telemedicine.