Patient Experience 

Patients receive follow-up calls within 48 hours after leaving your care. 

Global Healthcare Resource will provide your facility with callbacks to patients within 48 hours of discharge to best understand their experience while in your care. Our voice employees have extensive dialect training and knowledge of our culture and healthcare terminology.  

Our highly trained nurses from our secure contact centers in Manila will survey patients to inquire about changes in their condition, confirm whether discharge instructions were understandable, discuss how they would rate personnel and overall experience, as well as other necessary questions to provide your staff with clinical feedback and follow-up. All responses are sent to the designated provider.

Responses collected during the Patient Experience process can be aggregated, interpreted and made available in customizable reports depending on your facility’s software platform. 

Implementing a timely patient follow-up program will allow your providers to: 
  • Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care 
  • Identify recovery complications sooner 
  • Reduce hospital readmissions 
  • Provide clear documentation for malpractice claims 
  • Pinpoint hospital strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive reports 
  • Patient clinical follow-ups 
  • Improving efficiencies without hurting your bottom line. 

It’s difficult to successfully complete back office processes while providing high-level patient care. Patient Experience makes it easier for your office to smoothly execute day-to-day functions without needing to hire, train and pay additional staff to communicate with patients. Our offshore solution allows your practice to improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions and identify strengths and weaknesses more affordably than any in-house alternatives.