Patient Self-Pay

Optimize collections on patient payments with timely calls. 

With over 30 million Americans uninsured, increasing balances and escalating bad debt, financial responsibility has dramatically shifted to the patient. The rise in patient liability has caused healthcare providers to experience increased A/R balances and tremendous margin pressure. 

Global Healthcare Resource understands that timely and consistent communication is key in order to optimize patient payment collections. Our Self-Pay service utilizes our highly trained collection specialists in our secure contact centers in Manila to perform timely calls and surveys educating patients about their financial responsibilities: 

  • Inform about remaining balances 
  • Process medical payments 
  • Discuss possible payment plans 
  • Field billing questions 

Our staff has extensive dialect training and knowledge of our culture and the healthcare industry. Our Patient Self-Pay team allows providers to affordably add patient payment collections into their workflow process to avoid expensive collection agencies.