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Behavioral Health Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Behavioral Health Medical Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Behavioral health billing poses unique challenges due to the specialty's complex professional and technical elements. Working with a dedicated revenue cycle management firm with extensive knowledge of behavioral health billing and its many nuances can automate and streamline the process. Global Healthcare Resource provides custom behavioral and mental health billing services by building teams of billing, coding, and/or call center professionals to handle your specific project needs.

We specialize in designing teams to meet your certification requirements, and all employees complete our rigorous internal training program, Global Academy, to prepare them for the complexities of behavioral health billing. Our valued partners can expect to see significant reductions in claim denials and maximized reimbursement when they work with Global.

Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Management Services

Working with Global Healthcare Resource gives you access to more than 6,000 skilled medical billing team members who operate as an extension of your team. Our services focus on accurate and efficient delivery to improve your clean claim rate and overall ROI.

Save time and money with our cost-effective and efficient turnkey RCM solutions that allow us to automate your behavioral and mental health billing processes, including:

Types of Behavioral and Mental Health Specialties We Serve

We understand the complexities of the behavioral and mental health field and the impact on medical billing, particularly in using the correct CPT codes, including accurate E/M codes and modifiers, ICD-10 codes, and HCPCS codes. Our expert medical coding and billing teams are well-versed in all spheres of behavioral health, ensuring fault-free claim submissions and payment posting. Some of our notable behavioral and mental health billing competencies include coding the following:

  • Individual, group, family, and crisis psychotherapy 
  • E/M and psychiatric diagnoses
  • Psychiatric services, including therapeutic repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation 
  • Behavioral assessments, screenings, and interventions
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing
  • Telehealth services
  • Care management

Behavioral Health Call Center Outsourcing

Our behavioral health call center outsourcing services work hand-in-hand with our behavioral health billing services for a holistic approach. Utilizing our skilled and empathetic patient engagement specialists, your organization can leverage expert call center services, including:

  • Accounts receivable communications: Our courteous professionals make and field calls to assist with payment collections, including account disputes, outstanding balances, and payment plans.
  • Healthcare assessment surveys: Our friendly medical call center team can help you gather essential post-service patient experience data through targeted clinical surveys.

Why Partner With Global Healthcare Resource?

Choosing Global Healthcare Resource as your behavioral health practice management partner garners you several outstanding benefits, including:

  • Subcontractor-free services: Unlike most competitors, we do not subcontract out any work. You can count on our highly trained, in-house team members for your revenue cycle management needs.
  • Vast industry experience: Global Healthcare Resource has been at the forefront of RCM outsourcing for over 25 years, making us highly experienced leaders in our industry and almost every healthcare specialty.
  • Impeccably trained teams: Our team members undergo intense medical billing training through our Global Academy, ensuring they have the exact skills to deliver top-notch services.
  • Heightened security and compliance: We are a HIPAA- and SOC 2 Type 2-compliant behavioral and mental health billing company, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and highest security levels to protect your data. 

Mental Health Medical Billing Services You Can Rely On

Outsourcing your behavioral health billing to Global Healthcare Resource means leveraging a reputable healthcare revenue cycle management team offering reliable, customized service. Improve billing and coding efficiency, minimize claim denials, and improve patient payment collections with our educated and competent team. Get in touch today to schedule your free consultation. 

The integrity of your data is our #1 priority.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant.

SOC 2 Type 2 audits determine how well an organization safeguards customer data and how those controls operate over a 9-month (minimum) time frame. Reports are issued by third party auditors who review the following principles: Security, Confidentiality & Availability. Global Healthcare Resource is proudly SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. 



The security principle addresses whether an organization's system is protected (both physically and logically) against unauthorized access.



The availability principle addresses whether the services an organization provides is operating with the type of availability that client's expect.



The confidentiality principle addresses the agreements made with clients in regard to how their information is used, who has access to it and how it's protected.

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