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DME Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

DME Revenue Cycle Management Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

DME billing involves coding and submitting claims for durable medical equipment and associated services. This type of billing faces unique challenges, such as providing proof of medical necessity and meeting rigorous regulations. Like many medical services, DME billing also faces high turnover rates and understaffing. 

At Global Healthcare Resource, we step in as an extension of your team to offer DME services. We work with revenue cycle management (RCM) companies, hospitals, surgical centers, and outpatient practices. Our professionals know the subtle differences between DME billing and other coding and billing services. We bring specialized knowledge that makes us a valuable partner. 

We Meet Billing and Coding Challenges

With growing elderly populations and challenges like environmental factors, the demand for DME has risen. This equipment includes feeding tubes, CPAP machines, wheelchairs, hospital beds, blood sugar meters, and infusion pumps. DME billing and coding face unique challenges like:

  • Coding errors: In DME billing, common coding errors include incorrect usage of HCPCS codes and failure to note proper devices, leading to a lack of reimbursement for services. 
  • Regulatory challenges: Frequent regulation shifts in DME billing mean those who perform billing services must stay on top of these changes. DME billing also faces more complex and rigorous regulations. 
  • Medical necessity: DME billing depends on documentation and proof of medical necessity. Those who perform this billing need educated documentation professionals.
  • Document management: Efficient document management allows DME providers to offer fast storage and retrieval, regardless of the system used. 

Our DME billing and coding services can help improve clean claim rates and maximum revenue. We meet billing and coding challenges to provide a seamless reimbursement cycle. 

DME Revenue Cycle Management

At Global Healthcare Resource, we simplify your revenue cycle through cost-effective outsourcing. We provide trained staff to serve as an extension of your team, reducing your operating costs and simplifying revenue cycle management.

Medical Billing Services

Part of our RCM services includes DME medical billing. We work with your existing EHR system to create a well-organized process while increasing accuracy, reducing denials, and speeding up claims. Our billing expertise includes:

  • Pre-authorizations
  • Charge entry
  • Payment posting 
  • Denial management
  • Eligibility verification

Call Center Services

Beyond medical coding and billing, we offer call center outsourcing. Our inbound and outbound call centers can perform clinical surveys, navigate billing questions, process payments, and confirm visits. Highly trained call center professionals can ease your workload and improve patient satisfaction. 

The Advantages We Provide

Global Healthcare Resource provides a valuable partnership to support revenue cycle management and call center services. We have over 25 years of excellence in international staffing. Our teams include over 6,000 HIPAA-compliant coders, call center agents, and billing professionals. They receive comprehensive training through our Global Academy to prepare for RCM and managing the U.S. healthcare system. 

We undergo SOC 2 Type 2 audits to safeguard customer data. Our experts in the Philippines and India can provide 24-hour coding turnaround times to keep your revenue cycle moving. By operating as an extension of your team, we provide cost-effective services. 

Set up a Meeting 

When you need an outsourced durable medical equipment billing company, contact Global Healthcare Resource. Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss our services in more detail. 

The integrity of your data is our #1 priority.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant.

SOC 2 Type 2 audits determine how well an organization safeguards customer data and how those controls operate over a 9-month (minimum) time frame. Reports are issued by third party auditors who review the following principles: Security, Confidentiality & Availability. Global Healthcare Resource is proudly SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. 



The security principle addresses whether an organization's system is protected (both physically and logically) against unauthorized access.



The availability principle addresses whether the services an organization provides is operating with the type of availability that client's expect.



The confidentiality principle addresses the agreements made with clients in regard to how their information is used, who has access to it and how it's protected.

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