Global Healthcare Resource's Time Zone Advantage

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Posted by Claire Calderbank on Aug 27, 2020 5:12:57 PM
Healthcare organizations new to international business models may find it intimidating to operate their revenue cycle across the world. However, our clients understand distance equals quicker turnaround times.

In the United States, while our clients are asleep, Global Healthcare Resource's teams in India and the Philippines are already working on claims submitted within the last 24-hours. By the time the U.S. is waking up, any work submitted the previous day is most likely already complete. This is what we call, the Time Zone Advantage.

Delays in the revenue cycle are some of the biggest offenders to a healthcare organization's bottom line. Working with an international partner will give you the peace-of-mind that every minute of your day (whether awake or asleep),  your revenue cycle is performing quickly and efficiently. 

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Time Zone Advantage

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