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Ambulatory Medical Billing Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services

Custom-tailored to match your organization's unique needs. 

Ambulatory services describe a range of medical procedures performed in an outpatient care center. They are unique in the world of billing and coding, and as medical centers around the country face unprecedented labor shortages, organizations like yours are increasingly looking for ways to balance their workload without sacrificing quality.

Global Healthcare Resource proudly serves hospitals, surgical centers, outpatient practices, and revenue cycle management companies specializing in ambulatory settings. Our experienced professionals understand the nuances affecting ambulatory medical billing and coding, ensuring a seamless reimbursment cycle from beginning to end. 

Tackling Challenges in Ambulatory Billing and Coding

Ambulatory services require a different expertise than most types of medical billing. Even procedures scheduled by a hospital may be transferred to their outpatient surgery center or an ambulatory surgical center (ASC). In this common instance, a billing and coding team should be well-versed in both outpatient and inpatient codes alike. The wide variety of ambulatory services and their frequent coding updates can further complicate this process.

In a fast-paced environment like an ASC, dozens of patients are seen each day making it critical to have a billing and coding team that can keep up with the demands of an ambulatory schedule. At Global Healthcare Resource, we train our service teams to work quickly and efficiently in determining the proper coding and ensuring the billing list matches. 

Revenue Cycle Management for Ambulatory Surgery

Revenue Cycle Management is an involved process that demands a practiced hand from beginning to end, especially with a category as specialized as ambulatory care. Our teams can handle every aspect of your RCM challenges, including:

  • Ambulatory surgery billing: Our holistic approach to medical billing enhances the claims process, minimizes denials, and returns payments to you sooner.
  • Ambulatory surgery coding: We have a comprehensive understanding of CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10, and DRG coding guidelines and undergo regular audits to maintain a high level of accuracy.
  • A/R follow-ups: Our call center stays alert to handle inbound and outbound calls, allowing us to manage accounts, process payments, and educate patients about their bills. 
  • Patient eligibility: Eligibility verification is essential in authorizing necessary services and ensuring insurance compliance. 

Your Compliant Billing and Coding Experts

With more than two decades of experience, Global Healthcare Resource has established itself as a world leader in ambulatory surgery coding and billing. Through our rigorous and evolving training program, Global Academy, each of our team members gains expertise in the complex specialty of their assigned project so they can operate as a seamless extension of your team.

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